Duplex Sickle Bar Mower

Duplex Cycle Bar AttachmentThe BCS Duplex Sickle Bar Mower mows using two blades which move in opposite directions. The dual-action motion reduces vibration and makes mowing more efficient. Features of this mower include:

  • Available in 47″, 59″ or 71″ bar widths.
  • Cuts saplings up to 1.5″ thick.
  • Swivel joint in shaft allows bar to follow ground contours.
  • Replaceable knives.
  • Spring-loaded blade tensioners.
  • Riveted guards on lower teeth prevent clogging.

The height-adjustable sickle bar is much wider than the wheelbase of your BCS tractor, making it easy to trim along slopes, around the edges of ponds, under fences, and in other low-clearance places that would be difficult or impossible to mow with a traditional mower.

The Duplex Sicke Bar Mower also works well for harvesting hay and other forage.

Note: this mower requires an oil bath transmission.

Learn More About BCS Mowers with This Video